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Rosso di sera bel tempo si spera

Summer View

Amazing blue dot

Amazing blue lake somewhere in Amazona (my google earth finds)

Arena Pula

Drifted wood art

My new hanging art sculpture. Wire and drifted wood.

Sun rays

May be an image of twilight, cloud and nature

Silver hand knit by FedRaDD


What’s it like to be a woman?

TO BE A WOMAN‘What’s it like to be a woman?’a little bird whispered in my ear.

‘Is it just like being human?’oh it is so much more, my dear.

We are the holders, we are the keepers,of the secrets and the truth

.We are the safe place in a storm,the creator of all youth.

We are the place where life is softest,we are the colour in the story.

We are the wisdom and the instinct,Mother Nature in all her glory.

We are the taker of all worry,we keep it deep within our hearts

So that others may unburden,so that great new lives may start.

We are the makers of the home,not just the walls but of the spirit.

Bringing everyone together,letting love and laughter fill it.

We are sisters, mothers, wives,so many things in every day.

We are the start of every life,we are the reason, we are the way.

We are fuelled by intuition,call it magic, if you like.

We are women, so much more,than any words that I could write.

Donna Ashworth

A poem for you…

As sure as the watermakes waypast the river stones,

so does hope carry youpast the depthof your unknowns,

under fogged and white-gray skiesthat demandthe most of tired eyes,

the sound of the rushing rivergently speaks:

all is passing,truly passing.

~ Morgan Harper Nichols

My balcony #babies

Sea shells

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