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Here is what I eat on Keto


Keto, even in the festive season

Keto cabbage for the winter menu

I add cabbage to my diet because it is an excellent probiotic!

What l ate from Keto today!

My Keto dinner 🍅🧀🍳🥓🥦

Tomatoes, eggs,bacon, one plum,cheese, baby spinach…

My Keto salad

Keto October


Summer end

Sea Colours

14th September 2022 Adriatic coast

Keto salmon my way ; no sticking!

Keto salmon my way. Season the salmon nicely and wrap it in baking paper. Turn several times and there it is! There is no sticking or a lot of washing afterwards. You can cut off the top layer of paper, put it on a plate and add some salad, for example, dandelion !
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