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I found something strange …

…In Mauritania, Africa. Giant  eye ! What you think about this?



Loneliest place in the world-Jungle in Brazil-Mato grosso

Capture mato grosso

The castle of Sperlinga /Italy

castle rocksperlinga, castello nella roccia sperlinga, castello nella roccia2 via valle via    Sperlinga (Sperrenga in Gallo-Italic Spillinga in Sicilian) is an Italian town of 896 inhabitants of the province of Enna in Sicily. The castle of Sperlinga is a rare example of castle rock, partly dug into the rock and dating back to the period prior to the Sicilians pre-Greek (XII-VIII century BC), partly built on the same rock, around the year 1080.

The town is part of the circuit of the most beautiful towns in Italy. It is located between the Nebrodi and the Madonie, in the heart of central Sicily, 47 kilometers from Etna.

modern art from satelite

These are satellite images of areas of New Mexico. I found them on Google Earth.They look like modern art paintings.